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A fantasy series of epic proportions that will make you wish each book would never end.

Tower War Series

War  in the Lands
Tower War Series Prequel

In a peaceful world, Bemorahn and his son, Harsohn, go about their usual routine. Heading to the market in Cormenth, they are unaware that this time, their visit would change their fates forever.

When a young magic user from the furthest land appears at the council grounds, everyone is curious and wary of him. They have heard the rumors of his power and how he is the strongest magic user in all the lands other than the High Wizard himself.  Their curiosity morphs to fear when the young magic user attempts to destroy the council chamber and declares war against them.

The council must now address this threat and prepare the lands for something no one ever considered: war. With the frightened people speaking of war, Harsohn realizes he has a chance to make a difference. The council readily agrees, though his father and mother disapprove. Taking up his new role with pride, he is determined to show that not only is a messenger necessary, but a key component in the council's war.

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The Rohunan Riders
Tower War Series Book One

As the war enters its sixth year, battlefields continue to spread across the distant lands, and the council is not prepared for what has transpired. Harsohn, Messenger for the council, leaves on what he believed would be a routine ride, when, distracted, he lacks judgment, finding himself in a dire situation.

When word spreads and his father discovers his plight, he immediately rides to Harsohn, only to find the satchel of messages half-buried in the dirt. Now concerned, he finds his son in a nearby village. He realizes his son is not in any condition to ride. As only a father could do, he makes the decision to deliver the messages to the front lines.

Competing against danger and near disaster, Bemorahn realizes why his son had decided to be a messenger; that it is his true calling. Upon return from the front lines, Bemorahn decides he too will become a messenger. His choice comes at the perfect moment, for the High Wizard of the lands has a mission that will require both father and son.

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Child of the Lands

Book Three

of the

Tower War Series

Coming in late April 2018